CBA version 10.0 and MV3 compliance: bg-inject deprecation and changes to cs-inject Release notes CBA 10.0


Chromium Browser Automation (extension for chrome browser automation)


Change action uses CSS selector to find relevant user input element and changes it's content.

Change action can be used on selectboxes, various textboxes(text, email and more), textareas and contenteditable elements, they are focusing the element, changing the value and triggerring change events.

See website registration demo.



<$unique=> - placeholder is generating random number (1-13 characters length) depending of the value. In example below the change action is used to find Dom Element with the ID of #sometextBox and change the value to hello concatenated with 3 charecter length random number (i.e. Hello123).



<$clipboard=> - Clipboard placeholder is used to access clipboard object data. Which means that you can access data saved previously in clipboard object to update input value:


so this placeholder will access value of the name property from the clipboard object(i.e. clipboard["name"]).: