CBA version 10.0 and MV3 compliance: bg-inject deprecation and changes to cs-inject Release notes CBA 10.0


Chromium Browser Automation (extension for chrome browser automation)

Version 10.0(MV3)

Current release introduces multiple breaking changes, those changes was due to the new compliance rules introduced by the Chrome Platform. There are multiple limitations introduced by the MV3, which are described in the MV3 documentation. See list of all changes here:

  • CBA is now MV3 compliant, meaning you still able to use it with newer Chrome versions.
  • bg-inject - command is deprecated, Chrome platform no more supports injecting user script into Background page.
    • If your automation highly relies on bg-inject, please let me know by filing an issue, I will try add new bg-function command for those commands that suppose to be injected in the background. I am also happy to accept PRs for this.
  • cs-inject and inject functions now are same, they both are loading scripts into the page Main contextScript. This is another limitation introduced by the new Manifest version 3 extensions.
  • Background pages are no more persistence and they will always be reloaded when you execute action, or open CBA popup. Which means the clipboard content might be lost on followup execution if that happens unless current issue is fixed.