CBA version 10.0 and MV3 compliance: bg-inject deprecation and changes to cs-inject Release notes CBA 10.0


Chromium Browser Automation (extension for chrome browser automation)


cs-inject is works similar to inject since CBA version 10.0

Since Manifest Version 3 it's not allowed to evaluate user script in the context of the extension, meaning CBA users can no more use cs-inject command as they used to. Previously cs-inject was allowing users to inject script into the content script of the extension where it was following Extensions content security policy. Now cs-inject and inject functions are same, they both are loading scripts into the page Main context. This is another limitation introduced by the new Manifest version 3 rules for Browser extensions. This behavior may change after platforms implement userScripts.execute().

Learn more about MV3 compliance changes.

cs-inject in CBA version 9.0 and less

Inject is the Action that Injects javascript code into content script during project workflow, also you can use Jquery. It uses javascript eval() function to inject your code. so here you can write your javascript code using functions and variables, just notice only one thing that extensions create contect script for each Iframe.

$("body").html("Hello World");


Note: Since CBA version 10.0, async/await is not supported in the cs-inject.

You can also use async/await in the cs-inject that way you can wait for an async function execution before proceeding with the next action.

await new Promise((resolve) => {
  setTimeout(() => {
  }, 300);