Chromium Browser Automation (extension for chrome browser automation)

Version 9.0

This is one of the biggest releases since the first version of the CBA, it introduces completely new codebase and architectural changes:

  • Complete rewrite of the code and fully automated test coverage.
  • CBA has been open sourced
  • bg-inject and cs-inject can use async/await.
    • sendInstruction() and sendBgInstruction = false; helpers has been deprecated.
  • submit-click is click-update now.
  • copy action copies text content of the element, while copy-html copies innerHtml.
  • Information icon popup for the brief information about each action type and functions.
    • Screenshot of actions info
    • Screenshot of functions info
  • Made action recording more reliable.
  • Bug fixes.

Issue(s) with new version?

In case you have issue with the new version do not hessitate contacting me at or open an issue in the Github page of the project. I'm looking forward hearing back from you so we can together improve CBA.

Need to fallback to the old verions?

In case you really need to fallback to the v8 you can do that following installing CBA 8.3.7 instructions on the current page.

Having issue automating kiss-kiss game?

After releasing version 9.0 a lot of CBA users have reported an automation script being broken which they used for automating Kiss Kiss game. Aparently someone from the game community have created script a while ago which is no more compatible with CBA v9.0. Luckily a new script is ready to use we are still working on it, so in case you notice something unexpected or want to improve please do not hessitate contacting me at