CBA version 10.0 and MV3 compliance: bg-inject deprecation and changes to cs-inject Release notes CBA 10.0


Chromium Browser Automation (extension for chrome browser automation)


"Clipboard" variable is an object that holds your data during chrome process, it's shared object between projects so you can use it either for passing the data between projects or during the project execution flow.There are several ways you can access "Clipboard" object.

Inject actions

You can access and modify the object during script injection using inject, cs-inject or bg-inject action by accessing clipboard:

clipboard["test"] = "hello";


saveToClipboard bg-function can also be used for adding or modifying the Clipboard:

<$attr={"name": "value"}>

For quicker access you can use clipboard preset from the functions list.

change action

<$clipboard=> placeholder can be used to insert value from the clipboard object into an input box, you can learn more about it in the placeholders section of change action page.