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Fb like unlike(deprecated)

Note: Current script is deprecated.

Hi guys here is the ready project for FB like and unlike beforehand it was ready function, but after Facebook made some updates it's stopped to work, so now you have this ability again just import the project use it.

If you have a group and would like to keep activity in your group, so the people can fill themself that you appreciate their activity you can use this nice scenario:

The project consists of two actions:

  • Settings
  • Injection itself


  • fb-author - Name of the user whose content you would like to like or use "all" to like all the user's content
  • fb-me - your username in case you would not like your content
  • interval - the interval for like loop

Important note

Suggestion - you can use interval option to setup interval in milliseconds, while FB can detect unusual activity from your side FB can also block the ability to like/unlike posts for several days, so please use this scenario accurate.

Get the project